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Raze 3 Hacked

"Raze 3 Hacked" The game tells the story of an eternal conflict between good and evil. Or, just as in science fiction, future opposition of people and aliens. In fact, you can play as an alien either, but first you will have to pass human campaign. First of all close the window by clicking the cross. In the "Edit Profile" menu enter a name and select a costume for your character. Then click on the button "Save and Continue". If you want to play the across levels click on "Campaign" button, otherwise select "Quick Match". You will be given a choice of 5 types of the game: "Deathmatch" - where your goal is to collect the required number of kills first. "Elimination" - to win you have to be the last one alive. "Domination" - need to capture the key points on the map. Each captured territory gives you points. "Capture the Flag" - capture the enemy's flag and return it to their base. "Juggernaught" - to win you have to kill the strongest player named "Juggernaut" and take his place. Only after that you can earn points! You will have to go to the battlefront, performing basic commands, such as learning to jump and select weapons. Sometimes there will stand a wall in front of you. In fact, such walls can be destroyed by firing them from your guns. And here you are-the place where bloody fight will take place! You have a faithful comrade as you play for the team of the same color. You are attacked from all sides, and you have to attack them. By the way weapons, aid and armor are scattered across the battle place. Pick them as soon as possible. If you are shot - do not be discouraged, you can be regenerated and thrown again in battle. On the first stage you need to destroy 15 aliens. Further step will be more difficult. Finishing quests will get you money. After each mission, go to the "Upgrade" menu and buy something (if you have enough points of course). Control of the game is carried out using keyboard keys: Movement - WASD / arrow keys; Jump - Space; Aiming / Shooting - mouse; Next / Previous Weapon - Q / E or Shift / Enter; Selecting a specific weapon - the numeric keys; Use the opportunity - F / Ctrl; Pause - Esc / P. Have a nice game!

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